Monday, November 1, 2010

Death of intelligence and anything meaningful

Hopefully the end does happen in 2012 and gets rid of all the dumb asses on this planet, maybe only the smart will survive and will come up with better music, and programming. 

Things that lead to human devolution and degradation:

Anything on MTV
Reality shows
Anything playing on pop radio

We used to be a society of wanting more then just the day to day, we were a society of knowledge. When you have people like Soulja Boy, DJ Screw, and what not making music, and making millions, then you know this society is full of morons who have only one mind set. 

Those who really like to think outside the norm, and push themselves to higher goals are the real money makers. Anyone can make music in this day, why because of the technology our past society passed on to us. Its sad that music makers make millions but the person with knowledge who is working on medical break through's to save people from dying of diseases like cancer is making way less.

Its time for a society reset.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy music, but I prefer non-repetition in my music and lyrics that actually have meaning. Anything pop really lacks meaning and rap music is all about showing off. Most music nowadays sounds the same, using the same beats but in different octaves, same phrases, and sounds like techno. 

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  1. I like some of the awful things you've mentioned, however yeah I could do without them. They wont be going anywhere though.