Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Guys!

Happy Halloween, hope you all have a fun day! Todays my older brothers birthday so we are heading over to his house for some food and fun. Anyways now about the picture... well while driving down to the art supply store I ran into this SUV with a very interesting license plate: EZE-36-C. If this doesn't scream to the world "whore" then I don't know what will. What would make a person get a plate like this and its amazing the state courthouse allowed her to get this. I wonder if i can get away with something like this or maybe I need to sleep with a courthouse worker lol.
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  1. Happy birthday to your brother and Happy Halloween :D

  2. LOL at the pic! It's a pity that here in Portugal we don't get to have customized car plates...

    Good Halloween.

  3. LOL awesome plate. you can put almost anything on those. just cost a bit extra

  4. happy halloween everybody :)