Monday, December 27, 2010

Guys waxing there eyebrows...

Seriously what has society come to? What has become of the male human species? How low have males gotten that they wax and trim eyebrows, looking more pretty then their better half? What are you a girl?

So today I went with the fiance to a store called "Ulta" so she can look for some nail thing that she can't find anywhere else. Anyways I come into the store when right in front my face some douchebag was getting his eyebrows professionally waxed... Are you fucking serious? This tough looking gangsta wannabe was getting his wax on like the spoiled bimbo blonde from Cali.

I know some people say its to make their faces look clean, or to make them look younger but come on, there's no reason why you can not look clean with just normal grooming and shaving. Damn seriously, who came up with the bright idea of having dudes pluck or wax there eyebrows??? Maybe they should put on skirts and high heels next and see if that catches on too.

Anyways, my chick didn't find what she was looking for lol.
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