Monday, November 15, 2010

Curtis Got Slapped By A White Teacher (A must read)

Ok so why is that black people always play the race card, and always like to blow things out of proportion? I really don't see why this is a big deal, I got hit in the wrist and what not all the time growing up back in the day and I never complained, I probably deserved it anyways. So why is it now a days that people always want to milk everything to the fullest? Come on, obviously this mother is out to get money, her demands are outrageous: $250,000, five 7-day annual Tickets to Disney World, for the next 2 years, a car for her (his mother) choice, personal jazz lessons for the next 9 years, all bills paid for the next 9 years, etc. If I was the school district I would let her take it to court, those demands show that her motivation for this is greed. Here are some images of the letter the school district and various others (President Failbama) will recieve:

Notice the copyright symbols next to her sons' name.

 She begins with her demands:

The next 14 pages are all demands for similar cash and prizes for various teachers and school officials that she does not hate so I omitted them.

This part's just wierd:

 The next four pages (though I'm only posting the first) is the list of carbon copies:
 And then...the $250,000 bill for Curtis's million dollar face. Note the account number:
Appearances' Fees (You've got to be kidding me):

All I have to say is that if this lady gets her demands then I'll bet they'll be a lot more demands by other students.


  1. holy shit i HATE people like this. Just another bottom feeder trying to get anything and everything they can. I pray that school takes it to court. the 40 page bs that u posted will make he look like a damn joke. They will move then likely have to fire the teacher and she might get some sort of legal punishment. so stupid.

  2. what. Seriously?
    She has intellectual property rights over her son?
    Man. I wish I could meet this chick on the street. I would show her how much damage can be done to a face. Holy crap, this is pathetic. There is no way anyone should take any of that crap seriously. Whatever, fire the teacher. lynch the mother though. No child deserves to be raised by such a selfish cunt.

  3. I love this. (I'm not being sarcastic.)

  4. There's a lot to read here, but I get the basic thing.
    That is just low, kid probably deserved it.

  5. Either way, the lawyers win. Those really are some ludricous demands. Perhaps the lawyers encouraged her to inflate her demands so at least they can talk down to getting at least some of her demands fulfilled.

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