Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 15 of Netflix on my PS3

After 1 day of having Netflix I was set at keeping it. To this day I haven't had a regret subscribing to it. Every movie is on there, even if hasn't been uploaded I can still get it by mail on DVD. It only takes 1 day to receive it by mail and streaming is really nice, no lag, no issues, and definitely great movie quality. There's even concert DVDs from all kinds of bands, singers, and even sports. Just yesterday I watched the 2006 FIFA World Cup game. They even have a television series category, where I can watch old TV shows from the 90s. I'm watching Dilbert right now!!! At only $7.99 a month and your given a free month of usage, theres just no beating this. Its more convenient then Redbox, and cheaper to. Redbox is $.99 a day per DVD, and driving to one, plus sometimes having to wait in line, its just not worth it. With Netflix your allowed to hold on to the DVD for as long as you need it and no late fees/ extra charges per day.

Some of the categories on Netflix to choose from:
Action/ Adventure
Animated Movies

I can officially say that I am addicted to Netflix. I can finally get caught up with all the movies I missed, or didn't get to watch all the way through.


  1. I love netflix so much. Never going to get off it.

  2. Instant queue is the best. I've watched countless television seasons from it. Make the 360 the ultimate console ;) haha.

  3. my parents have it, never bothered to get it myself. might reconsider now lol