Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Competition for sillybands???

So a subscriber of mine decided to send me a free wristband prototype with his idea. Even tho I really think sillybands are really stupid, these "Status Wrist Bands" are pretty awesome. They are not in the shape of any animals, superheros or Barbie shit, but they have different ways of what I can only guess as being able to show your moods to others just by wearing one. They feature different moods with a smiley face depicting the mood (sort of like myspace moods). They also seem to aim towards the more mature crowd with moods like "Horny","Drunk", and also show relationship status's like "Single", or "Taken". Maybe he will make me a custom one that says "Spoony" with a smiley that has a soul patch and some glasses.

Ok so from what he told me, the price for these are gonna run for about 2.95 bucks a pop plus 2 dollar shipping, it worth every penny and its does attract attention from the ladies better then sillybands ever will lol.

Anyways, they seem like a good idea and will catch on so I recommend getting them early before they run out. Check'em out at www.statuswristbandz.com or like them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Status-Wrist-Bandz/147010318679365 . I'm definately gonna get the "Horny" band, that one best describes me...
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